.Net Application Development

This course will teach you the fundamentals of the C# programming language and the .NET Framework. Instead of building boring black and white text-only Console Window applications, we teache you C# in the context of building ASP.NET applications. You will learn just enough ASP.NET to build applications that will allow you to see practical uses for C# as a web developer. By the end of this series, you will know enough to build simple ASP.NET applications that can dynamically change based on user input.


Brief Contents of .Net Application Development

.Net enables web developers to quickly develop, deploy and manage web applications. The built-in security features of .Net also provide the developer with the ability to create apps that are very secure.

The ability to reuse application blocks by using .Net means that developers don’t have to write as much code, saving time and effort. The way that Microsoft patterns and references architectures helps developers to create the right structure for developing apps for clients.

The frameworks and patterns of .Net have already been tested and debugged, so less errors are naturally produced by developers. By using these frameworks and components from Microsoft, apps created by developers are usually of higher quality, and are more reliable.

ASP.NET MVC Professional Training Program

Why learn ASP.NET MVC?

ASP.NET MVC is one of the most popular web development frameworks today. It is built and maintained by Microsoft, and provides us with a lean, modern environment for making our web development projects a reality. In addition, the tooling support from Visual Studio is second to none.

Finally, ASP.NET MVC allows us to develop web applications using any .NET language. We will be using the expressive, powerful, and modern language C#. Although there are other web development frameworks available for .NET, ASP.NET MVC is a first class citizen in the .NET ecosystem – giving it a powerful edge over alternatives.

Dotnet based applications have seen exponential growth in recent times. This course focus on web based applications using ASP.Net framework. After studying this course student will be able to learn client side as well as server-side state management, oop with c#, Web services, MVC framework, integration with database.

Course Outline :

  • # Chapters & Strategies Topics
    1 Introduction



    What is .NET Core?


    .NET Core vs. Full Framework

    Overview of ASP.NET Core


    2 Introduction to Windows Forms ·        What Are Windows Forms?


    ·        Windows Forms Class Hierarchy

    ·        Building a Form

    ·        The Application Class

    ·        Trapping Events

    ·        Buttons

    ·        Labels and Textbox Controls

    2 Visual Studio and the Forms Designer ·        Using the Forms Designer


    ·        Code Generated by Forms Designer

    ·        Adding Event Handlers

    ·        Creating Attractive Forms

    ·        Creating Easy To Use Forms

    3 Introduction to Microsoft SQl Server ·        Database Create


    ·        Make New Tables

    ·        Insert , Update and Delete

    ·        Parent/Child Relationships


    4 Project Security ·        Project Save on cloud


    ·        Again useable Project

    10 LINQ to ADO.NET ·        Language Integrated Query (LINQ)


    ·        Bridging Objects and Data

    ·        Using Object Relational Designer

    ·        Filtering, Ordering and Aggregation

    ·        Inserts, Deletes and Updates

    ·        LINQ to SQL

    ·        LINQ to Dataset

    4 Using Controls ·        Checkbox, Radio Button, and Group Box


    ·        Numeric Up/Down

    ·        Trackbar

    ·        Progress

    ·        MonthCalendar

    ·        DateTimePicker

    5 List Controls ·        Listbox and Combo box


    ·        DomainUpDown

    ·        ListView

    ·        Storing Objects in List Controls

    6 Menus, Toolbars and Status Bars ·        Main Menus


    ·        Context Menus

    ·        Building a Status Bar

    ·        Building a Toolbar

    ·        Using the Timer Control

    8 Using Advanced Controls ·        Panel


    ·        TreeView

    ·        Splitter

    ·        Tab Control

    10 Reports ·        Crystal Reports


    ·        Data Collection

    ·        Data Print

    ·        Data on multiple forms

    11 Data Access and Data Binding ·        ADO.NET Overview


    ·        .NET Data Providers

    ·        Data Sets

    ·        Data Tables

    ·        Data Views

    ·        Data Binding

    13 MVC 5 Application Version Management


    Command-Line Interface (CLI)

    Hello World Application

    14 Models Introduction


    Persistence Ignorance

    Object-Relational Mapping

    Entity Framework (EF) Core

    15 Controllers Introduction


    Requirements and Conventions


    Action Results

    16 Views Introduction



    Razor Syntax

    17 Layouts ViewData and ViewBag


    Strongly-Typed Views

    Partial Views

    18 View Models HTML and URL Helpers


    Tag Helpers

    19 View Components Client-Side Dependencies


    Microsoft Library Manager (LibMan)

    Razor Pages

    20 HTML Forms Introduction


    Form Tag Helper

    Form Submissions

    Model Binding

    13 C# Application Architecture NuGet Packages and Metapackages


    Application Startup

    Hosting Environment

    Middleware and the Request Processing Pipeline

    Services and Dependency Injection

    21 Data Validation Introduction


    Data Annotations

    Model Binding

    Input Tag Helpers

    Validation Tag Helpers

    22 Error Handling Best Practices


    HTTP Error Status Codes

    Status Code Pages

    Developer Exception Page

    Exception Filters

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