Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development using Hyperledger and Ethereum Frameworks

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Days: Monday & Wednesday
Timing: 4PM to 6PM

Week # 1
Lecture 1 Introduction to Blockchain
Lecture 2 Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric
Week # 2
Lecture 3 Hyperledger ComposerComposer PlaygroundCoding for network
Lecture 4 Hyperledger Fabric NetworkDetailed Configuration of network Part 1
Week # 3
Lecture 5 Detailed Configuration of network Part 2
Lecture 6 Detailed Configuration of network Part 3
Week # 4
Lecture 7 Task inspectionBug fixingPractice of Project
Lecture 8 Introduction to Ethereum
Week # 5
Lecture 9 Ethereum Network Configuration
Lecture 10 Installation of Dependencies  
Week # 6
Lecture 11 Smoke Test
Lecture 12 Programming with solidity
Week # 7
Lecture 13 Testing Frameworks
Lecture 14 Deployment with web3
Week # 8
Lecture 15 Projects Execution
Lecture 16 Projects Execution

Module Objective
Module Outcomes
Introduction to Blockchain What is Blockchain.How Blockchain works.What is basic Structure and terms related to Blockchain. 2 Hours  
Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric What is hyperledger fabric?What is fabric network?Components of network like Ledgers (one per channel – comprised of the blockchain and the state database), Smart contract(s) (aka chaincode), Peer nodes, Ordering service(s), Channel(s), Fabric Certificate Authorities. 2 Hours
Hyperledger Composer, Composer Playground, Coding for network What is hyperledger composer?·             How does Hyperledger Composer work?About Online Playground.About Business network Cards.About Business network development and Modeling Language, Access Control Language, Transaction Processor Functions.How to create Network model (assets, participants and transactions)   2Hours
Hyperledger Fabric Network, Detailed Configuration of network Part 1 Done all installation of all prerequisites in two machines.   2 Hours
Hyperledger Fabric Network, Detailed Configuration of network Part 2 Run Hyperledger Fabric on multi-host. 2 Hours
Hyperledger Fabric Network, Detailed Configuration of network Part 3 Publish Business network on previously running hyperledger fabric on multi host   2 Hours
Task inspection, Bug fixing, Practice of Project In this session, we inspect previously given task, fix bugs, answer all quires related to this course, and assign a project to all students related to hyperledger Fabric that will be evaluated at the end of this session. 2 Hours
Introduction to Ethereum What is Ethereum?How it works?Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)Why do you need Ethereum?What is Smart Contact?Ethereum Key TermsApplications Ethereum 2 Hours
Installation of Dependencies Installation of software’s required to build a network on Ethereum 2 Hours
Ethereum Network Configuration How to setup a node on Ethereum Network?Public Ethereum vs Private Ethereum Network Configuration 2Hours
Programming with solidity Basics of Solidity Language How to Compile and Run Solidity Code on Remix IDE? 2 Hours
Smoke Test A non-exhaustive set of tests to ensure that the most important functions work of an application. To decide if a build application is stable enough to proceed with further testing. 2 Hours
Testing Frameworks How Truffle Testing Framework can be configured for Ethereum Applications? 2 Hours
Deployment with web3 Ethereum-Smart Contract Deployment using Web3How to configure User Interface and Backend Application 2 Hours
Projects Execution Execution of Final Projects of Ethereum or Hyperledger fabric 2 Hours
Projects Execution Execution of Final Projects of Ethereum or Hyperledger fabric 2 Hours