Kids Technical Trainings

Kids Technical Trainings in KICS, UET, Lahore

What your kids will learn from the following courses?

NOTE: Kids Technical Trainings includes all the following contents.

Module 1:


Become an expert graphic designer!

  1. Introduction to Graphic Designing
  2. Design elements and principles
  3. How to use colors
  4. How to edit photos
  5. Crop and resize images and photos
  6. Complete guide to use Adobe Photoshop, Canva
  7. How to create posters, banners, cards, etc.

Module 2:


Learn to code, and become a professional!

  1. Introduction to Programming
  2. Programming languages and types
  3. Problem solving
  4. What is a program?
  5. What is an algorithm?
  6. Programming languages and types
  7. Basic programming structure
  8. Advanced programming structure
  9. Game development

Module 3:


Say hello to the science of the future!

  1. Knowledge of the latest technologies
  2. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and its real-time use
  3. Virtual Reality demonstration
  4. What is a sensor?
  5. What is a processor?
  6. What is an actuator?
  7. What are Robots and how do they work?
  8. What can robots do?
  9. What can’t robots do?
  10. How are robots used in our daily lives?

Module 4:


Become skilled at using Microsoft Office!

Microsoft Word

  • Screen Layout
  • Menus
  • MS Office Buttons
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Ribbon
  • Working with Documents


Microsoft PowerPoint

  • The Steps to Create a PowerPoint Presentation for Beginners
  • Customize Color Schemes.
  • Add Animation effects.
  • Use the Slide, Notes, and Handout Masters.
  • Create, Edit, and Import Charts.
  • Create and Edit Tables.
  • Manage Hyperlinks.
  • Create Custom Shows.
  • Export Outlines & Presentation Slides to Word.


Microsoft Excel

  • Introduction
  • Basics
  • Functions
  • Customize Excel Window
  • Formatting and Formula Evaluation
  • Import Data from Web

Course Fee: 12000/Student

Course Schedule :

  • Timing: 11 AM to 01 PM
  • Days: Monday to Thursday 
  • Duration: 5 weeks
Last date to register: 11 July, 2024
Classes begin from: 15July, 2024

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