Android Application Development

This Course teaches you the Android apps development from the very basics. Google Android is fastest growing technology now. With many hardware vendors now supporting it worldwide it is poised to grow more. The course does not assume any prior knowledge of Android and is best for beginners and intermediate developers.


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Brief Contents of Android Development

Are you Interested in Android application development and wants to increase your income as an Android Developer? Maybe you want to learn android based application because of having lot of app ideas but don’t know from where to start? Want to become a mobile entrepreneur particularly; it is an exciting time to launch a career in Android development and Java Programming. It’s never too early to dream up an app that interests you which will finally give you freedom and flexibility to develop what you are looking for.

The goal of this course is to get you through the learning curve of Android development: to focus on building strong foundation in Android Studio and object-oriented Java Programming which helps in providing confidence and knowledge required for Android development.

Android Development Course Description:

Interested in Android application development? Want to become a mobile entrepreneur? Learn to write Android Based Applications. The goal of this course is to get you through the learning curve of Android development: to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to branch out on your own. Inside the Android Developmen Program you will…..

  • Master Android Development via a fun and easy to learn system
  • Understand the entire Android Apps Development Cycle from start to finish.
  • Develop and publish your own Android Apps and Games on the Android Market!
  • Work on a live commercial project as part of your final project
  • Get an UETMobile certification for the full tenure of the course

Once candidates complete our Android course they may go on to independantly create and publish their own Android Apps, or work as Freelancers taking on Android projects for Clients or they can directly benefit from a higher pay having enhanced their technical skill sets in a cutting edge technology space.

Week 1

  • Installing Android
  • Building Blocks of Android
  • Running on Emulator
  • Creating Hello World
  • Using resources and themes
  • Creating First Application

Week 2 & 3

  • Introduction to Java I/O, Data types, Loops, Conditionals and Operators
  • Save & restore data as Application Preferences
  • How to save & restore data as Instance State
  • SQLite Database connection
  • Insert, update, remove, and retrieve data from an SQLite Database

Week 4 & 5

  • Custom Components
  • Context Menus.
  • Adapters , Adapter Views and its variants

Week 6

  • Services and Broadcast Receivers
  • Broadcast Intents and Post notifications.
  • Asyntask, Threads and Synchronization

Week 7

  • Establish Http connections and connect to server Globally
  • Web Views
  • Incorporation of Google Maps into an application.
  • Receive GPS location information.
  • Google Maps Overlays.

Week 8  Live Project

  • Design and Requirement analysis support
  • Implementation and QA support