SEO & Freelancing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expertise & Freelancing to Earn Handsome Money

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SEO and Freelancing Training Course:

Search Engine Optimization is one of the digital marketing techniques that are implemented by companies to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through search engine results.
Millions of websites are fighting their way to the first page of Google, and only a few of them succeed in them. Internet being an integral part of any business requires some robust strategies that will help the company to reach the top notch in search engines.

Why Should Take SEO and Freelancing Training Course?

A website is a long-term investment and the optimized content will generate traffic for years with a little maintenance SEO helps the business to generate intent-oriented traffic through keywords, which are essential for business objectives SEO.
Freelancing Training:
Freelancing is selling your services remotely all over the world just sitting from Home. Creating Professional Profile on top Freelancing sites, and start selling your services. This Course will help you to learn Freelancing, how to communicate with client, how to make proposal, how to bid for any job and Building Iimpressive Portfolio to get projects online.

SEO & Freelancing Course Content:

  • SEO
    (Search Engine Optimization)
  • What is SEO?
  • How search Engine Works.
  • What are the ELEMENTS OF SEO?
    • Writing a Blog/Article/Content
    • Keyword Research
    • Meta data
    • Yoast SEO
    • Internal Links
    • Readability
    • Focus Key phrase
    • Image Optimization
  • What are Keywords?
  • Keyword Research.
  • How to write and create a WordPress blog/article?
  • What is Yoast SEO?
  • What is Image Optimization?
  • Off Page SEO:
    • Back Linking
    • Guest Posting
    • Web Directories
    • Blog Commenting
    • Inbound and Outbound Link
  • What is Word Stemming?
  • Location Based SEO.
  • Type Of Traffic Generate.


    • What is Freelancing?
    • How is Freelancing helpful in Part time Job?
    • Building Professional Profiles on Freelancing Sites.
    • Traditional and non-Traditional freelance marketplaces.
    • Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, SEO clerk.
    • How to create SEO portfolio?
    • How to Bid on Projects?
    • How to Create professional proposal?
    • Handsome earning Using Freelancing.

Benefits of SEO and Freelancing Course?

You will learn an excellent Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Skills and Become Professional SEO Expert and can earn 30,000PKR to 50,000 PKR in market at Beginner level after this course.
• You will be able to prepare a good strategy, which is the backbone of any SEO campaign.
• You will be able to conceptualize and plan strategies in accordance with the search engine algorithm.
• The training will ensure that you become proficient enough to execute the plan, be it on page or off page SEO.
• You will be able to monitor and measure the SEO strategy and the performance of the business.
• You will be able to make money online or by getting a job in office / As Freelancer.
• You can Cash your SEO Skill and Start Earning Online!

Getting high rankings in organic search results is what the SEO game is all about.