KICS is envisioned to play a key role in taking the country towards knowledge based economy and competitive industrialization, providing Pakistan with the human capital required for development of high tech products and services and facilitate national economic development through incubation of high tech companies to make Pakistan a major player in the global IT market. The core objectives of the institute are as follows:

  • To focus on developing world class applied research resources in algorithms, software engineering and digital control systems.
  • To engage capable and talented researchers and provide them with an environment and direction for creating innovative technologies and products.
  • To bridge the existing gap between Pakistani academia and industry by training the young graduates according to the requirements of job market through active collaboration with the local industry.
  • To nurture and promote the culture of result-oriented research and development activities and using Information Communication Technology (ICT) for the socio-economic development of our country


KICS aspires to become a premier research and advanced technology organization in the fields of Computer Sciences and Information Technology and establish itself as a centre of excellence recognized for cutting-edge research, technology innovation and industrial collaboration becoming the leading R&D institute committed to advancement of science and technology in Pakistan.