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Help Desk & Ticketing System

It’s a complete web-based ticketing system where the end-user can create a ticket and follow up. It supports the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in a paperless environment. No chance to miss an issue reported by the end user. This system reports a complete time duration to spend by SDLC stakeholder on an issue or ticket. No matter where you are you can work with your team. Following are some of feature list of Help Desk & Ticketing System

  • Support Paperless Complete SDLC
  • Monthly Performance Evaluation Top-to-Bottom
  • Monthly Performance Evaluation Bottom-to-Top
  • Complete End User Directory
  • Functional Requirement System for different Business Processes and map each requirement with any issue and ticket.
  • Develop test cases for each functional requirement and map each test cases with functional reuirement requirement.
  • Complete team check-in and check-out report
  • Can manage code versioning with each ticket. each version can belongs to Dev Branch, Staging Branch and Live Brach.
  • A complete working history of software analysts, Software Quality Engineer, Sofware Engineer, functional team lead, technical team lead and project manager on a ticket.
  • It support multiple project and modules/business-process.

Following activities can be performed by the SLDC stakeholders in paper less environment.

Following activities can be done by the SLDC stakeholders in paper less environment.

End Use– He can create an issue for a relevant project and modules
– He can view the status of each issue.
– He can follow up for the issue by comment section under each issue.
– He can view the comments from any member from the technical side.
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Software Quality Engineer In Progress
Software Engineer In Progress
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Technical Team Lead In Progress
Project Manager
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