We have 25 successful and verifiable implementations, out of which 10 are in major Public Universities like UET Lahore, University of Punjab (IQTM), Punjab Tianjin University of Technology and Faculty of Engineering (International Islamic University, Islamabad).

Implementations on Map

OBE Implementations on Map of EDU Campus Solution by ESSL KICS.

Implementation for

(8 Public Universities & 14 Private Universities)

Sr. No. UniversityTypeCMSERPOFF the Shelf
1University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore Public
2University of Engineering & Technology Kala Shah Kaku Public
3University of Engineering & Technology Faisalabad Public
4University of Engineering & Technology NarowalPublic
5Rachna College of Engineering and Technology – RCET GujranwalaPublic
6Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)Public
7Punjab Higher Education CommissionPublic
8University of Punjab – IQTM (Implementation In Progress)Public
9International Islamic University, IslamabadPublic
10Punjab Tainjin University of Engineering & Technology, LahorePublic
11CECOS University of IT and Emerging SciencesPrivate
12Chenab College of Engineering & Technology, GujranwalaPrivate
13Islam College of Engineering & Technology, SialkotPrivate
14Swedish College of Engineering & Technology, Rahim Yar KhanPrivate
15Quaid-e-Azam College of Engineering & Technology, PattokiPrivate
16Sharif College of Engineering and Technology, LahorePrivate
17Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Engineering & Technology, MultanPublic
18NFC FaisalabadPrivate
19Dr. A.Q. Khan Institute of Technology, MianwaliPrivate
20Ata Institute of Engineering and Technology, WazirabadPrivate
21Government College of Technology, RasulPrivate
22Government College of Technology, Railway Road LahorePrivate
23Quaid-e-Azam College of Engineering & Technology, SahiwalPrivate
24Government College of Technology FaisalabadPrivate
25Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Science (KICS)Public
26Center of Energy Research And DevelopmentPublic
27Mid-West Conveyors Lenexa, USAPrivate
28GP Supplier e. K. Dortmund, GermanyPrivate
29Ghalib Enterprises Inc. Chicago, USAPrivate
30Ghalib Enterprises LLC Deira, United Arab EmiratesPrivate
31Shahjee Limited United KingdomPrivate
33Mc Services, PakistanPrivate

User Statictics (Module or Business Process Wise)

User Statistics module wise of EDU Campus Solution by ESSL KICS.