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E-Daftar 360

1. Introduction

To bring transparency, accountability, and efficiency at all levels of the organization’s procedures and operations, there must be a solution to connect with the colleagues. There are various limitations addresses by researchers regarding the implementation of e-services in developing countries including Pakistan. Lower literacy, financial constraints, poor ranking in ICT development index, and resistance to change, are assumed as barriers in implementing such services in developing countries like Pakistan. All these barriers result in poor usability and lower acceptability for such services. Our focus is on one core part of e-Daftar-360, which is to provide e-coverage to a manual file system of public and private offices. The current manual’ file system incorporates delayed processing, invisibility, low productivity, poor check & balance, lack of timed accountability, inefficiency, prolonged review, entailed corruption and vulnerability to undue interference. Our proposed file system is intended to add transparency, efficiency, time framing and accountability to manual file system and will have also better acceptability and usability. Some rich features of eDaftar-360 are:

1.1 eMeeting


  • This system supports a complete meeting scheduling online and on premises.
  • This system maintains the version of the source meeting. Also support different types of meeting Syndicate, Board of Studies, CPC, etc.
  • Sync with ERP calendar and email-based reminders.
  • System supports multiple virtual channels like jit.si, Zoom, MS Team and Google meet
  • Complete list of agenda can be plan, team members with roles (like chair, member, assistant meeting etc.), Presence status of the members, Minutes of the meeting and e-approval of the minutes.
  • Support the calendar view and Gantt Chart view

1.2 eTracking


  • Allows you to inject directly all the received emails or create incident manually. Each incident is integrated with eDocument. Incident is any inquiry generated from inside the organization or received from outside the organization.
  • Can delegate the incident to any user for the require action or follow-up to the N level of hierarchy. Automatic incident receiving will be performed with Propper Received by and Received datetime.
  • Can carbon copy (CC) the incident to N level of people while delating a incident to anyone. Can mark the user defined tags like priority level, privacy level or etc. with an incident. Can mark the deadline at the time of any delegation. System can report the incidents whose deadline are near.
  • System will maintain all feedbacks/notes while moving forward the incident to the N level of hierarchy. and Similarly return the incident back to the same level of hierarchy. A required comments and notes can be mark as private so that it can be seen by only the initiator. Email or System based notification raised on each event.
  • Every user can attach document in each response of an incident. These attachments will not be treated eDocument, until unless mentioned explicitly.
  • eDocument offers variety of features regarding the document management system

1.3 eDocument


  • Ability to archive or delete documents. As a protection, you have to archive a document, before deleting it.
  • Facilitates you to create hierarchical folders and allows to define workspace having their own set of tags and actions.
  • Tag, preview, or launch actions on a set of documents at once, to work in batches.
  • Share folders to offer an access to external users (with or without logins) and allow them to upload new documents
  • Ability to lock a file to so that other users will not be able to modify that specific document.
  • Online preview of most file formats: PDF, images, videos.
  • Upload regular files, or create documents as links (e.g. Google Doc files)
  • Assign documents to users, customers/vendors or Odoo documents (invoices, task, product)
  • Arrange your documentation in accordance with the priority or importance just via drag and drop option.
  • Manage your documents by directory and can share directory with the persons by adding them in users list.
  • Split multi-pages PDFs into several documents; very useful when you scan documents in batches.

1.4 eLearning


  • It offers central knowledge base for organizational policies and procedures, security requirements, templates, FAQ, and software documentations much more.
  • eLearning is the perfect module to enable Community learning, share knowledge, and inspire others
  • Engaging Content (Videos, Web pages, Presentations, Documents – watch on any device!)
  • Rapid Editing (Drag & drop creation of pages with infographics and animations.)
  • Self-paced Learning (Group lessons into sections and show participants their progress.)

1.5 eDiscuss


  • Drive discussions between all levels of your colleagues.
  • Chat live from anywhere
  • Create Channels and Private Groups
  • Send Notifications
  • Integrated with all modules

Schedule Activities (reminders/follow-ups/to-do list) for yourself and others like need to call, need to SMS, need to email, need to follow-up, need to organize a meeting.

1.6 Monitoring analytics


  • Average Delay in responses user wise, department wise
  • Follow-ups as per Due Date

1.7 Platform

Operating systems: Ubuntu Server, CentOS
Database: PostgreSQL
Load Balancer: NGINX
ERP: Odoo
Deployment: Public Cloud, On-Premise

For Contact

Email: [email protected] | [email protected]
Office: +92 42 99250245 Ext: 842 | +92 42 99250264
Cell: +92 334 9069919
Skype: myasinr
Address: ESSL (Fomally UMS Lab), KICS, UET Lahore, G.T. Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (GMT +5)
Working Days: Monday – Friday